This form is your first step to secure your top choice engineering program.

At Lassonde, all of our engineering programs share a common first-year. This will give you the experiences and opportunities to discover which stream of engineering fits you best. Towards the end of your first year you will have to officially declare your specialization for your second year of study.
In the mean time… if you know what you want right now.. you can secure your top choice of major by completing all of the following on or before June 17th 2017.
Know what you want right now?
To secure your top choice you’ll need to complete ALL of the following before June 17th, 2017:
  1. Submit this form providing a top choice
  2. Attend your Bootcamp or online Enrolment Appointment
  3. Enrol in your first year courses

That’s it!

So let us know what your preferred choice is below and if you have and questions, feel free to reach us at

PLEASE NOTE: Selecting Undecided on this form as your top choice provides no guarantee for your second year of specialization.
If you were required to complete a Boost Co-application, those choices will be imported automatically – you DO NOT need to resubmit your choices

Your Top 3 Engineering Choices

Check out the info below and make sure that we have your Email Address, York University Reference Number and Secret Key correct (you can find this key in your enrolment email). After submitting your choices you will receive an email confirmation.