The Lassonde Experience Kit our way of sharing Lassonde with you – right at your doorstep.



We want to share our passion for making and breaking things with you – wherever you are in the world. Building projects outside of classes are something our students are passionate about, and we’d like to build some with you! Check out the options for the different experience kits below to start your Lassonde journey.



Making use of supplies from our very own prototyping lab, build a mechanical pinball machine out of laser-cut MDF board, 3D printed-clips, and elastic bands!


More builds are on their way! Have something you would like to build? Send us your idea and the next Lassonde Experience Kit could be your design!

Whether you’re on the other side of the world or the other end of the city, The Experience Kit lets you build something cool right from your home. 

Kits include:

  • Materials and parts
  • Instructions
  • The kit story
  • Stickers


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If you’re looking for a chance to come to campus and learn new skills, check out Camp Lassonde.